When cuisine becomes art

a symphony of flavors

Restaurant & Bar

Palazzo Roma offers a culinary paradise inspired by Rome and its grandeur, where every dish and offering is a symphony of flavors.

At Palazzo, culinary art blends with the sophisticated atmosphere of Core Restaurant, imbued with the grandeur of the palace’s original frescoes, and evokes the vibrations of a hidden Rome in the Palazzo Bar.

a culinary paradise inspired by Rome and its grandeur

Core Restaurant

The Core Restaurant – which in Roman means Heart – welcomes guests into a temple of Roman history. Its walls completely frescoed celebrate the history of Roman art, offering the opportunity to relive a time of splendor. A majestic crystal chandelier and a large fireplace give an aristocratic atmosphere to the environment.


Chef Federico Sartucci creates dishes that combine the grandeur of Rome and its simplicity, two faces of the same city that coexist, like the choices found on the Core menu. In this blend of Roman tradition, he adds international influences acquired during his numerous travels. Federico recreates an experience that speaks to the hearts of guests and leaves eternal memories, just like his city.

The Bar

The fireplace room of the Palace, still adorned with original wainscoting and coffered ceilings, transforms into a lively bar with bright turquoise hues and pop art paintings. Mixologist Giovanni Fortino and his team will make your Roman aperitifs and after-dinner drinks special with an interesting and nuanced menu.